Stephen Silver


Walt Disney

Animation Character Designer

"Kim Possible", "Danny Phantom", Kevin Smith's "Clerks" the animated series,

and many more. 

"Right on. Well done. The book is colorful, intriguing and bizarre.

Kids are going to love it!” 


Tom Richmond

One of the Usual Gang of Idiots

MAD magazine

President National Cartoonist Society

"Ms. Love’s Mystical Island Adventure is a wonderful tale that kids are going to love. The dream-like environments, “sock you in the eye” color, and zany characters created by artist Patrick Harrington are the perfect surreal visuals to accompany the story. The combination makes for a fun and wild ride!”

Laurel Johnson

Senior Book Reviewer for Midwest Publications


Best Selling Author

 “Ms. Love’s Mystical Island Adventure is an exceptional book that kids will love. The story and Harrington’s visuals enthralled me from first page to last. This is a wonderful creation and I hope it sells like crazy.” 

*Johnson’s full review of Ms. Love’s book will be available nationally upon release of the book.

Jim Bindas

Project Manager of a Thousand Children’s Books

“Wow!  The story seems to combine components of many successful children’s books – kind of like Wizard of Oz meets Harry Potter meets Magic Tree House.  I thought it was really well done – kudos!”

Blake Hoena

Published Author of 60 Children’s Books

“I thought the story was great. I really enjoyed reading it. A fun adventure showing kids they’re special no matter what their talents are. I have to admit, the shark animation is my favorite!”

Eileen Heyes

Published Author of Children’s Book

Acting Innocent


Professional Editor

“Ms. Love’s Mystical Island Adventure is a kick, from beginning to end. Four kids arrive on the island expecting to be mere observers to a mystical phenomenon and end up – what else? – saving the world. It’s an empowering concept, executed with savvy flair by author Susan Love and illustrator Patrick Harrington. Young readers will be captivated by the dynamite story and will quickly find a character with whom they can identify: athletic Miguel, artistic Arthur, take-charge Sabrina, or intuitive Lucy.”

“Harrington’s vividly imaginative illustrations and animations supply just the right touch of visual suspense and humor. Altogether, it’s an awesome package.”   

Barbara McNichol

Published Co-Author, Professional Editor, and Creator of Word Trippers

“Your book will rock the house,” says McNichol.

“You’re in for quite a thrilling treat! Ms. Love knows her audience and has created an adventure beyond adventure for kids who love animation. Well written and divinely inspired—with love.”

Cathy Paper


Best Selling Book Launcher

“I found Ms. Love’s Mystical Island Adventure enchanting and captivating. It has all of the elements of an engaging story, beautiful illustrations and the perfect mixture of imagination and education.”

Marlo Garnsworthy

Published Author and Illustrator of Children’s Books


Professional Children’s Book Editor

“It is magical to experience Ms. Love’s Mystical Island Adventure coming into the fullness of Susan Love’s vision for it. Ms. Love’s own journey to write the book—and to not only stimulate in her own students a deeper desire to read and learn, but to love doing so—is both fascinating and incredibly inspiring. In this story, she has sent well-developed characters with diverse natures and interests on an action-packed, yet thoughtful journey to save Earth’s ozone layer. A fantasy setting and character quirks are enhanced richly by evocative language and snappy dialogue. It is thoroughly gratifying to see Patrick Harrington’s brilliantly hued mystical illustrations and animations bring Ms. Love’s fun fantasy narrative so gorgeously to life in a total package I’m sure young readers and their caregivers are going to adore.” 

Joan Steffend

Former TV Show Host For HGTV

Former KARE 11News Anchor 




And She Sparkled


“It is a wonderfully fun story! This fun ride invites its readers to recognize their own brilliance and to use it to make the world a better place. It tells a magical story of high adventure with young, can-do characters you'll want to hear more from."

GK Zachary

Pro Book Marketing

“Ms. Love’s Mystical Island Adventure is a delightful story and is beautifully illustrated. It is sure to make children (and their parents) very happy.”

Roberta Collier-Morales

Published Illustrator of 63 Children’s Book 


Earned Gold and Silver Ben Franklin Illustrators Award 

Wow! I LOVE it and I feel the characters and story line have been nailed.”

Anibal Soler

Writer, Editor, Educator


Former Elementary School Principal

“The story is magnificent.  The characters vividly come to life as their adventure unfolds.  Ms. Love has created a setting that is enchanting and captivating.  Reality and magic work side by side in Ms. Love’s mystical world.  Mr. Harrington’s artwork and animations visually amplifies the amazing and exciting story-telling crescendo in the book.  Congratulations to Ms. Love for her superb fantasy and magical creation.”

Jane McTeigue

Children’s Pop-Up Book Paper Engineer 

Created 8,500 Educational Pop-Up Books 


Book Designer

“I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Love’s Mystical Island Adventure. This incredibly exciting, magical story is a total page-turner with adorable characters.  I was very impressed with talented, Patrick Harrington’s brilliant, two dimensional illustrations and clever, high-tech animations. Packed with on the edge of your seat moments and educational opportunities, kids will love this book for sure. “